101st Reserve Infantry Brigade is an infantry battalion of the Netherlands military.

Twilight 2000 1st edition Edit

From NATO Vehicle Guide (GDW 0526)

The brigade was alerted on 2 October 1996 and declared operational on 5 October 1996. The brigade was used primarily as rear area security force. It suffered from desertions during the civil uphevals of late 1997.

In December of 1997, the brigade was withdrawn to Holland to held with internal security duties in the Leeuwarden area. When the French invaded in 1998, the brigade moved into southern Holland in support of the Territorial Command troops. It was overrun by the Belgian 16th Mechanized Division in the vicinity of Eindhoven. The survivors withdrew back to their cantonment area in Leeuwarden, where they have been ever since.

Subordination: None
Current Location: Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Manpower: 200

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