The 104th Guards Air Assault Division is a Category I (Category A) Soviet Army division from the Transcaucasus Military District.

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

A prewar Category I division from the Transcaucasus MD, the 104th Guards were used in the 1997 spring offensive. Dropped at Bandar Khomeini, Iran, the unit became embroiled in savage fighting and had to withdraw. The battered 104th has been sent north to rest.

Subordination: Transcaucasus Front
Current Location: Mozzfarabad, Iran
Manpower: 1800
Tanks: 16

Prewar orbat Edit

104th Guards Air Assault Division (HQ: Kirovabad, Russia)

  • 217th Guards Air Assault Regiment
  • 242nd Guards Air Assault Regiment
  • 273rd Guards Air Assault Regiment
  • 290th Guards Air Assault Artillery Regiment

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