The 116th Armored Cavalry Regiment is an armored cavalry regiment in the US Army.


Twilight 2000 1st editionEdit

Idaho National Guard. The regiment was alerted on 1/12/96 and brought into federal service on 4/1/96. The regiment deployed to Germany by air and sea in August 1996 and upon arrival came under command of IX US Corps. During the retreat from Warsaw in September 1997 the regiment fought numerous rearguard actions and took heavy casualties, but maintained its cohesion throughout the retreat. In May of 1999 the regiment was transfered to XI US Corps and participated in the summer offensive of 2000 into northern Poland. [1]


Twilight 2000 1st editionEdit

1 July 2000 [2]

Subordination: XI US Corps
Current Location: Northern Poland
Manpower: 600
Tanks: 8 LAV-75


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