131st Motorized Rifle Divison was a Mobilization Only motorized rifle division from the Baltic MD.

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

A Mobilization Only division from the Baltic MD, the 131st was activated in 1998. A shortage of vehicles forced the division to be primarily foot mobile with a ragtag collection of armored vehicles. The division has been sent to Poland.

Subordination: 8th Guards Army
Current Location: Central Poland
Manpower: 2000
Tanks: 16

Non canon Edit

World War 2 Edit

During WW2, the 131st Rifle Division participated in the Battle of Stalingrad and was subordinate to 2nd Tank Corps [1]. One of the division's known regiments during WW2 was the 482nd Rifle Regiment [2].

Cold War Edit

In 1957, the 131st was reactivated from a cadre of the 45th Rifle Division. The 131st Perchenga Order of Lenin Red Banner Motorized Rifle Division was subordinate to the Leningrad Military District and garrison assigned to garrison duty in the Murmansk oblast (Armies of the Bear, ISBN 0972029621).

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