The 163rd Armored Cavalry Regiment is an armored cavalry regiment in the US Army.


Twilight 2000 1st editionEdit

Montana National Guard (except for the 3rd Squadron, which is a Texas National Guard unit). The regiment entered federal service on 11/1/96 and began moving by sea to Korea in early 1997. Upon arrival the regiment came under command of VI Corps and participated in holding actions along the 38th parallel and then the general offensive of 8th Army toward the Yalu River. In the subsequent retreat back to central Korea, the regiment suffered heavy casualties while fighting a series of stubborn rearguard actions.[1]


Twilight 2000 1st editionEdit

1 July 2000 [2]

Subordination: VI USCorps
Current Location: Korea
Manpower: 300
Tanks: 4 LAV-75


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