1st Commando Group is a marine commando battalion of the Netherlands military.

Prewar history Edit

The 1st Marine Battalion (Dutch: 1e Mariniersbataljon), or 1MARNSBAT, is part of the Netherlands Marine Corps (Korps Mariniers) which is part of the Royal Netherlands Navy (Koninklijke Marine). The prewar headquarters of 1MARNSBAT was Doorn in the province of Utrecht in the central Netherlands. Since 1973, the battalion was assigned to British 3 Commando Brigade to form the UK/NL Landing Force.

Twilight 2000 1st edition Edit

From NATO Vehicle Guide (GDW 0526)

As part of the SACEUR (Supreme Allied Command, Europe) mobile force, the 1st Marines were sent to Norway in July of 1996. When the Red Army invaded Norway in December of 1996, the unit fought in the Bardufoss area. Throughout 1997, the 1st Marines participated in the Kola Peninsula Campaign as an elite raiding force. When the front stabilized in 1998, the 1st Marines repatriated themselved to Holland by commandeering a freighter. The members of the unit are presently operating as anti-French guerillas based in the coastal islands west of Bergen op Zoom.

Subordination: None
Current Location: Vicinity of Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
Manpower: 90

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