The 21st Cossack Separate Air Assault Brigade is a Category I (Category A) air assault brigade from the North Caucasus Military District.

Non canon history Edit

The 21st "Cossack" Separate Air Assault Brigade is an independent brigade formed in the North Caucasus MD and awarded the historic designation of "Cossack" to honor the ethnic composition of the unit. The brigade participated in the bloody sepratist conflict in Chechnya that broke out in 1994 and earned a reputation for its tenacity. Withdrawn to Stavropol, RSFSR at the conclusion of the fighting in 1996, the brigade refitted and absorbed new drafts of conscripts before redeployment to the Far East where it entered combat against the Chinese in January 1997. After a year of heavy fighting, the brigade was withdrawn to Orenburg, RSFSR for rest and refit.

In the summer of 1998 the brigade was deployed to Baku, Azerbaijan SSR where it serves as a "fire fighting" operational reserve for the Transcaucus Front. Paired with the 793rd Separate Helicopter Regiment, the Cossack brigade has seen action in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and throughout the troubled Caucuses.

Non canon orbat Edit

21st Cossack Separate Air Assault Brigade (HQ: Baku, Azerbaijan SSR)

  • 1st Cossack Airborne Infantry Battalion
  • 2nd Cossack Airborne Infantry Battalion
  • 3rd Cossack Airborne Infantry Battalion
  • Howitzer Battalion
  • Recon Company
  • Engineer Company
  • Antitank Battery

References Edit

US Army Field Manual 100-60 [1]

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