The 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment is an armored cavalry regiment in the US Army.


Twilight 2000 1st editionEdit

A Tennessee National Guard regiment, placed on alert on 8/16/96 and brought into federal service on 11/1/96. It was deployed by air and sea to Germany in January of 1997, but suffered almost 50% equipment losses in transit to Soviet commerce raiders. Upon arrival in Germany, the regiment's 2nd squadron was fully equipped and sent into combat with V US Corps, while the bulk of the regiment awaited re-equipment. As losses mounted at the front, however, the bulk of the replacement equipment arriving in theater was allocated to regular army units. As an expedient, the first and third squadrons were made mobile with requisitioned civilian motor vehicles and a large number of armored cars transfered from the U.S. Air Force airfield security units, and was then committed to reinforce I US Corps. On 7/21/97 the 2nd Squadron, serving with V US Corps, was nearly annihilated by a tactical nuclear strike, and surviving personnel were returned to the regiment. By the end of 1997, the regiment was operating as a single composite squadron.[1]


Twilight 2000 1st editionEdit

1 July 2000 [2]

Subordination: I US Corps
Current Location: Central Germany
Manpower: 400
Tanks: 0


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