2A45 Sprut-A and 2A45M Sprut-B (NATO classification - Squid) are the designations of a Soviet Smoothbore 125 mm anti-tank gun.


During the day the OP4M-48A direct fire sight is used, at night the 1PN53-1 night vision sight is used. For indirect fire the 2Ts33 iron sights are used, along with the PG-1m panoramic sight. The gun can reliably engage targets 2m high at a distance of 2000m

The barrel features a thermal sleeve to prevent temperature changes affecting the accuracy. The gun uses the same split ammunition as the T-64, T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks.

With an additional piece of equipment, laser guided projectiles like the Svir or 9M119M Refleks can be fired.

The 2A45M Sprut-B has a small auxiliary power unit (APU), which can propel the gun on relatively flat surfaces (up to 15 degrees slope) and at 14km/h on roads. This gives the gun a measure of mobility on the battle field - although it takes four combat turns to go from firing position to travelling position and three combat turns to go from travelling position to firing position.

Both models are fitted with an armour value 2 gunshield which provides cover for the gunner and loader if fired at from the front.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Note that the 2nd edition rules list a Rapira-3 125mm anti-tank gun. This is probably a 2A45

2A45 Sprut-A 2A45M Sprut-B
Price: $70,000 (S/R)$80,000 (S/R)
Travel Move: - 28/9
Combat Move: - 9/3
Fuel Capacity: - 40
Fuel Consumption: - 8
Fuel Type: - G, A
Load: - -
Weight: 6.5 tons 6.8 tons
Crew: 7 7
Maintenance: - 2
Night Vision: Passive IR Passive IR

Weapon DataEdit

125mm 2A45 & 2A45M
HEAT400C:10, B:20110C
HE400C:14, B:281C

Reload: 2

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