3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment (3-187th) ("The Rakkasans") is an infantry battalion in the Third Brigade of 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). The unit is referenced in the King's Ransom module.

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

The 3-187th first saw action in the assault on Ganaveh in 1997. Since then the battalion has seen extensive action. Like the other battalions in the 101st, it is chronically understrength. The battalion moved to Lordegan in the fall of 2000 and has established itself there.

Leaders: LTC Pete Fanning is the 3-187th's commanding officer (CO). MAJ Brad Ollinger is the executive officer (XO). CPT Mary Deckart is the battalion operations officer (S-3).

Numbers: The current strength of the 3-187th is 400 troops.

Where Found: The battalion Headquarters & Headquarters Company (HHC) is located in Lordegan. Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie companies are in a rough triangle around Lordegan.

Weapons: Standard US small arms with some Israeli and Soviet weapons. The Support Company has a platoon of three 81mm mortars. The battalion has a variety of light vehicles (mostly HMMVWs) with a few fast attack vehicles (FAVs).

Non canon Edit

TOE Edit

"Support Company" should be Delta Company, the battalion anti-armor company. The company 5 platoons, each comprising 2 anti-armor sections (per TOE 07058L700). The battalion mortar platoon forms part of the HHC and fires 120mm mortars instead of 81mm. Individual rifle companies have integral 60mm mortar sections.

NPCs Edit

Additional (non canon) NPCs include: 1LT Theodore Nezhinsky, battalion intelligence officer (S-2); CSM Conrad Miles, battalion sergeant major; CPT Roberto Sandoval, battalion chaplain (Roman Catholic).

Historical Data Edit

Unit HistoryEdit

The regiment received the nickname "The Rakkasans" when deployed during the Japanese Occupation following World War II. The locals wanted to know what the men of the 187th did, but the translator didn't know the word for "parachutist". He instead used the word for parasol as the basis for "parasol men" - Rakkasan.


Hamburger Hill (Movie 1987) Edit

The 3-187th is portrayed in the movie Hamburger Hill. The movie is about the 1969 battle to capture Dong Ap Bia (Hill 937) in the A Shau Valley.

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