40. Fallschirmjägerbataillon Willi Sänger is an para-commando battalion of the East German Nationale Volksarmee (NVA).

Organization Edit

Officially the battalion was organized as an NVA light infantry battalion, but in reality it was considered a special forces commando unit like US Army Special Forces. On missions, the companies of the battalion were split up into five or six man teams to lower its operational profile. As a force with special capabilies it remained under the direct command of the Kommando Landstreitkräfte (KdoLaSK) - the NVA high command.

Status Edit

As an elite unit, the battalion comprised only "politically-reliable" personnel. When the majority of the NVA switched sides in October 1996 and joined the West Germans fighting against the Soviets, the Willi Sänger battalion remained loyal to the East German communist regime. The battalion has suffered heavy losses during the war, but its survivors are fiercely loyal and still operational.

  • Subordination: NVA High Command
  • Current Location: Rügen Island
  • Manpower: 100

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