4th Mechanized Division is a mechanized division in the Netherlands military.

Twilight 2000 1st edition Edit

From NATO Vehicle Guide (GDW 0526)

The division was alerted on 20 June 1996 and declared fully mobilized on 21 June 1996. On 7 October 1996, the division was moved to the Dutch-German border but ordered to go no further. When the US, Britain, and Canada crossed the inter-German forntier in December, the Dutch government ordered the 4th MD to stay in place. On 7 January 1997, the division was ordered into Germany to help fight the Warsaw Pact. The division performed well against the V Italian Corps in southern Germany in the summer of 1997. The division was hastily withdrawn to Holland in January of 1998 to counter the French invasion.

The unit was involved in heavy fighting in the Arnheim area against the French 17th Armored Division. It withdrew to central Holland on the orders of the surviving Dutch government.

Subordination: None
Current Location: Disbursed in unoccupied Holland
Manpower: 600

Prewar orbat Edit

4th Mechanized Division (HQ: Harderwijk, NL)

41st Armored Brigade (HQ: Zeven, FRG)
41st Staff Company
41st Armored Battalion
43rd Armored Battalion
42nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion - Regiment Limburgse Jagers
41st Artillery Battalion
41st Air Defense Battery
41st Engineer Company
41st Medical Company
42nd Mechanized Brigade (HQ: Assen, NL)
42nd Staff Company
57th Armored Battalion
44th Mechanized Infantry Battalion - Regiment Infanterie Johan Willem Friso
45th Mechanized Infantry Battalion - Regiment Infanterie Oranje Gelderland
55th Artillery Battalion
42nd Air Defense Battery
42nd Engineer Company
42nd Medical Company
43rd Mechanized Brigade (HQ: Steenwijk, NL)
43rd Staff Company
42nd Armored Battalion - Regiment Huzaren Prins van Oranje
41st Mechanized Infantry Battalion
47th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
43rd Artillery Battalio
43rd Air Defense Battery
43rd Engineer Company
43rd Medical Company

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