The following page(s) contains fictitious world events as background material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These events should not be confused with their real life counterparts. People and places shown should in no way be thought of as accurate representations of anything living, dead or undead.

56 (Guards) Brigade was reformed at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, England in 1999. The primary responsibility for the brigade is security of the Royal household and the protection of King Charles III.

History Edit

1999 Edit

During 1999, two new Guards battalions, 4th Battalion, Grenadier Guards and 4th Battalion, Coldstream Guards, were formed as infantry battalions in the light role. A mounted (horse cavalry) squadron, the Household Cavlary Mounted Squadron, augmented by a horse artillery troop, was added thereafter.

2000 Edit

In early 2000, a number of independent Home Service Force (HSF) companies were gathered into a provisional battalion, 1st (King’s Own) Home Service Force Battalion, and added to the brigade. A brigade recce unit, 2nd Guards Independent Parachute Company, was formed from volunteers in mid 2000.

Non canon orbat Edit

56 (Guards) Brigade

  • Brigade HQ
2nd Guards Independent Parachute Company
245 Provost Company, Royal Military Police
  • Household Cavalry Mounted Squadron
Life Guards Mounted Troop
Blues and Royals Mounted Troop
King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery
  • 4th Battalion, Grenadier Guards
HQ Company
No. 1 Company
No. 2 Company
No. 3 Company
No. 4 Company
  • 4th Battalion, Coldstream Guards
HQ Company
No. 1 Company
No. 2 Company
No. 3 Company
No. 4 Company
  • 1st (King’s Own) Home Service Force Battalion
348 Signal Squadron (HSF), Inns of Court and City Yeomanry
1 (HSF) Company, Honorable Artillery Company
2 (HSF) Company, Honorable Artillery Company
5 (HSF) Company, 10th (County of London) Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (V)
E (HSF) Company, 2nd Battalion, The Wessex Regiment (Volunteers)

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