The 630th Transporation Company is a United States military unit that is loyal to Civgov. The unit is non-canonical. It is intended for use with the Allegheny Uprising module.

History Edit

1996-1998 Edit

The 630th Transporation Company was, prewar, a USAR unit based in Washington, PA. The unit was ordered into active military service in 1996 and served for two years. It was inactivated in 1998 and its personnel were reassigned to other units.

2001 Edit

In January 2001, a small number of reinforcements became available to Civgov forces located Maryland. These troops were veterans from the European theater of operations who had returned to the United States with TF-34 as part of Operation Omega. A few of these veterans decided to join Civgov and arrived in Maryland seeking employment. A decision was taken by the leadership of III Military Region to gather all of the reinforcements with Transportation, Quartermaster, and Ordnance MOSs into an independent company (separate from 228th Infantry Brigade) and place it under the command of CPT Howard Kirtchner.

Organization Edit

NPCs Edit

  • CPT Howard Kirtchner - company commander
  • CW4 Alan Quinn (MOS 920B Supply Systems Technician) - executive officer
  • 1SG Frederick Cranmer (MOS 88Z5O Transportation Senior Sergeant) - first sergeant
  • SFC Giovanni Mecurio (MOS 64B4O Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic) - operations sergeant

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