The 6th Guards Kremenchug-Znamenka Air Assault Division is a Category I (Category A) Soviet Army division.

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

A Category I division from the Far East MD, the 6th was used to secure river crossings for the 1996 offensive in China. The unit was then used to secure a bridgehead in Alaska in July of 1997 where it took heavy losses. The unit was cut off on the Seward Peninsula in early 1998 and retreated in the summer of 1998 across the Bearing Straits with what little transport it could find.

Subordination: Aleutian Front
Current Location: Chukotski Peninsula
Manpower: 3000

Prewar orbat Edit

6th Guards Air Assault Division (HQ: Belogorsk-Khabarovsk)

  • 14th Guards Air Assault Regiment
  • 17th Guards Air Assault Regiment
  • 20th Guards Air Assault Regiment
  • 8th Guards Air Assault Artillery Regiment

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