The following page(s) contains fictitious world events as background material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These events should not be confused with their real life counterparts. People and places shown should in no way be thought of as accurate representations of anything living, dead or undead.

7th Armored Brigade insignia.

7th Armored Brigade (nickname Saar-me Golan/Storm from Golan), is an armored bridge within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It was the first armor brigade of the IDF and has participated in all of Israel's wars. The brigade’s fighting during the Suez War resulted in a breakthrough in how the army approached the character of armor warfare. Today, the brigade is equipped with Mark 2 Merkava tanks

Twilight 2000 1st edition canon Edit

From RDF Sourcebook (GDW 0508):
  • Subordination: US Third Army
  • Current Location: Bandar-e Khomeyni
  • Manpower: 800
  • Tanks: 18

1999 Edit

The Jordanian and the Israeli governments decided to provide the United States Central Command with reinforcements. Their respective governments decided that a presence in the Persian Gulf area would at least insure them a greater say in oil allocation. The Jordanians sent their crack 5th Armored Divsion. The Israelis sen the 35th Parachute Brigade, the 7th Armored Brigade, and supporting units.

2000 Edit

The 7th Armored Brigade deployed to Bandar-e Deylem, Iran.

Non canon orbat Edit

  • 75th "Romach" Armored Battalion
  • 77th "Oz" Armored Battalion
  • 82nd "Ga'ash" Armored Battalion
  • 603rd "Lahav" Armored Engineer Battalion
  • Sayaret 7 Armored Recon Company
  • 7th Anti-Tank Company
  • 411th "Keren" Artillery Battalion

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