8th Guards Army was a combined arms army, part of Group of Soviet Forces Germany (GSFG).

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

The 8th Guards Army is subordinate to 1st Western Front, Western TVD. The army comprises 39th Guards Motorized Rifle Division, 20th Guards Cavalry Division, and 131st Motorized Rifle Division.

Prewar orbat Edit

8th Guards Combined Arms Order of Lenin Army: Nohra, GDR

27th Guards Motorized Rifle Division: Halle, GDR
39th Guards Motorized Rifle Division: Ohrdruf, GDR
57th Guards Motorized Rifle Division: Naumburg, GDR
79th Guards Tank Division: Jena, GDR
336th Separate Helicopter Regiment: Nohra, GDR
486th Separate Helicopter Regiment: Altes Lager, GDR
11th Missile Brigade: Weissenfels, GDR
449th Missile Brigade: Arnstadt, GDR
18th Surface-to-Air Missile Brigade: Gotha, GDR
116th Logistics Support Brigade: Altenburg, GDR
390th Artillery Brigade: Ohrdruf, GDR
119th Separate Tank Regiment: Bad Langensalza, GDR
65th Ponton Bridge Regiment: Merseburg, GDR
194th Separate Radiotechnical Regiment: Weimar, GDR
91st Separate Communications Regiment: Weimar, GDR

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