Creators of the newest version of Twilight 2000, Known as Twilight:2013

The People behind Twilight: 2013Edit

G-1 (Administration) Edit

Design: Clayton A. Oliver, Keith Taylor, and Ed Thomas
Additional Conceptual and Design Assistance: Candace Brunk (medicine and NBC warfare), Andy C. Davis, Kelly Gage (mounts), Robert Hudson, Camille Oliver, Tatu Salonen, Pete Sears, Justin Stodola (ballistics), Scott Taylor, Golden Tullis (close combat), and Jim Wardrip

G-3 (Operations) Edit

Written By: Clayton A. Oliver, Simon Pratt, and Keith Taylor
Additional Writing: Gary Astleford, Josh Benton, Andy Davis, Andy Miller, Martin Ralya, Tatu Salonen, Justin Stodola, and Team NPC (Derek Klein and Max Messina)
Cover Art: Tyler Windham
Interior Art: AndrewDobell, Diego Gisbert, Scott Harshbarger, Rick Hersey, Johan Lindstrom, Art Lyon, Chris Martinez, Bradley McDevitt, Jesse Mohn, Matt Morrow, Clifford Morton, Jason Mullins, Miguel Santos, Filip Stojak, Keith Taylor, Kurt Taylor, Norm Scott, Jeff Ward, Richard Whyte, Tianyang Yan and Brandon Young

G-4 (Logistics) Edit

Production Director: Keith Taylor
Art Director: Keith Taylor
Editrix: Candy Hall Brunk
Layout & Typesetting: Keith Taylor

G-5 (Civil Affairs) Edit

Personnel Management: Keith Taylor
Playtesters: Jose Antonio, Gary Astleford, Josh Benton, Micheal Boehm, Phil Glotfelty, Robert Holleman, Neal Hyde, Derek Klein, Shane Mclean, Max Messina, Jason Mullins, John Palchak, Simon Pratt, Micheal Robuck, Norm Scott, Sean Shumate, Darren Stengel, Justin Stodola
Consultants: Ed Thomas, Robert Hudson, Derek Klein, Max Messina, Simon Pratt, Justin Stodola, Jim Waldrip and Tatu Salonen

Web SiteEdit

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