The AK-47 was one of the first true assault rifles and, due to its durability, low production cost and ease of use, remains the most widely used assault rifles in the world - so much so that more AK-type rifles have been produced than all other assault rifles combined.

It has seen service with the following countries: Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Bangladesh; Bhutan; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Cambodia; Cameroon; Cape Verde; Chad; China; Croatia; Cuba; Cyprus; Germany; Honduras; Hungary; Indonesia; India; Iraq; Iran; Laos; Lebanon; Libya; Macedonia; Mongolia; Montenegro; Mozambique; Namibia; Nicaragua; Nigeria; North Korea; Pakistan; Poland; Romania; Serbia; Sierra Leone; Russia; Turkey; Slovenia; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Syria; Ukraine; Vietnam; Yemen

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Ammo: 7.62mm S
Weight: 5kg
Magazine: 30 box
Price: $150 (C/V)
AK-47 5 3 2-Nil 5 30 3 7 50

3rd Edition StatsEdit

Stage II Rules

Type: Assault Rifle
Caliber: 7.62x39mm (Stage III Rules use the full Ballistics Chart)
Capacity: 30
Damage: 7
Penetration: x2/x3
Range: Medium/Sniping
Speed: 3/5/7
Recoil: 7
Bulk: 3
Weight: 3.8 kg
Barter Value: GG300
Street Price: $400
Quirks:Ubiquitous: Outside regions that banned all firearms, spare parts for the AK-47 Assault Rifle cost half normal.

Durable 2: For the purposes of accruing Wear, the AK-47 Assault Rifle's level of use is considered to be 2 level(s) lower than actual use or conditions would indicate.

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