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The following page(s) contains fan created material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These are not canon, but flesh out areas overlooked in the rules. Feel free to add them to your campaigns as needed.

Resolve RequirementsEdit

You're limited to RES + 4 points from disadvantages[1]

Advantage ArchetypesEdit

Military ArchtypesEdit

Professional soldier[2]Edit

(Requires a Resolve of 1+)[1]

Ever since you could remember you wanted to join the military. When you did join you knew that you would make a career of it.

Tough as Nails (3)
Indefatigable (2)
Code: Law of War (3)
Irradiated (1)
Addiction (caffeine or tobacco) (1)

Shellshocked Vet[3]Edit

(Requires a Resolve of 2+)[1]

You have seen some terrible things in the last few years, things that you don't want to remember, but wont go away.

Survivor 1
Light Sleeper
Irradiated 2
Addiction (Alcohol) 1

Civilian ArchtypesEdit

Backwoods Hick[3]Edit

(Requires a Resolve of 2+)[1]

Natural Talent (Fieldcraft)

Technophobe 1 Aversion (Urban Areas)

Grizzled Old Man[3]Edit

(Requires a Resolve of 2+)[1]

Mule 1
Tough as Nails 1
Ineptitude (COG)
Slow Learner 1
Short Winded 2
Hard of Hearing 1

General ArchtypesEdit

The Thrill Seeker[4]Edit

(Requires a Resolve of 2+)[1]

Before the war started you enjoyed some type of extreme sport, maybe you raced motorcycles or where a freestyle snowboarder, but whatever your activity was raised your brains ability to react to high intense situation.

Extra Attribute Point (OODA)
Addiction 3 (dopamine)
Adrenaline Crash

The Adrenaline Junkie[4]Edit

(Requires a Resolve of 8+)[1]

Rock Climbing, base jumping, cliff diving, these were just a few of the activities that you enjoy, and because of this things that would scare most people have become an addiction to you. You thrive on fear, but also depend on it to function normally.

Extra Attribute Point (OODA)
Extra Attribute Point (CUF)
Addiction 5 (dopamine)
Adrenaline Crash


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