The Alaskan Command (ALCOM)

HQ:Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska

ALCOM forces are charged with maintaining air sovereignty, deploying forces for worldwide contingencies as directed by the Commander, Pacific Command, providing support to federal and state authorities during civil emergencies and conducting joint training for the rapid deployment of combat forces. The Alaskan Command is a sub-unified command of the United States Pacific Command.

The command is made up of the following military forces:

ALCOM combined forces include more than 16,000 Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast Guard personnel, and 3,700 guardsmen and reservists.

Recently, the Command Representative for Missile Defense position was created to be the focal point for all issues related to Ground-Based Midcourse Defense in Alaska, in support of Alaskan Command, the Alaska NORAD Region, and the Eleventh Air Force.

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