Centurion Hover Tank

3rd Edition StatsEdit

Centurion Hover Tank
Barter Value: GG-- Street Price: $--
Configuration: Turreted
Suspension: Hover
Crew: 0 (AI Computer Controlled)+0
Cargo: 0 tons
Weight: 33 tons
Travel Speed: 22/12 km/hr
Combat Speed: 66/33 m
Fuel: 336 (Atomic)
Fuel Cons: 1 L/hr
Maintenance: 20
Armor: HF: 35, HS:30, HR: 20; TF: 24, TS: 12, TR: 12; Suspension: 10
  Armament: Plasma Cannon (good stabilization); Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Infantry Weapon; .
  Ammo: 3 Rounds per EoF (Plasma Cannon); 50 Rounds per EoF (Secondary Weapon); .
  Communications: Alien Tactical Data Link; .
  Sensors: Thermal Sights; ; .
  Aux: Bio Scanner.

Control SystemsEdit

The Centurion Hover Tank is an autonomous robotic hover tank. The computer AI has a:

Drive/Hovercraft: Professional
Support Weapon/Plasma Weapon: Professional
Gunnery/Plasma Weapon: Professional


EHD thruster stands for electrohydrodynamic thruster. This is the general and most appropriate term used for high voltage devices that propel air or other fluids, to achieve relative motion between the propulsion device and the propelled fluid. EHD thrusters, unlike the related ion thruster family, do not need to carry their own supply of propellant gas, although they still need to carry their own electrical power source or generator.

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