Alien Invasion-Combat Armor

A full environmental combat suit worn by the Masters, the 6 foot tall alien combat armor provides armor value of 12[1] to all locations and provides protection against NBC attacks. The armor mounts a Plasma Rifle over the left arm, the rifle is powered by the armor. the suit also provides:

  • Base Initiative of 12
  • Muscle 15
  • Thermal sights (Range 200m)
  • Grenade launcher (2 Plasma Grenades[2])
  • Communication gear
  • Automated medical kit[3]
  • Food and drink for a week (recycled from body waste)


  1. Alien combat armor is self-repairing. The armor value regenerates one point every tick until it is repaired.
  2. Plasma grenades have the following stats - Radius 5; Blast 6; Frag 0
  3. The Automated medical kit has a skill rating of Professional and can be used 6 times before it needs recharging.

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