A B-Team, also known as Special Forces Operational Detachment Bravo, is the command and support element of a US Special Forces company.

The B-Team controls the A-Teams assigned to the company.

Personnel Edit

The B-Team comprises 11 personnel.

  • Special Forces Company Commander (CO)
Rank: Major (O4)
MOS: 18A
The Company Commander exercises command of the personnel and elements assigned or attached to the company. When the company establishes an AOB, he serves as the AOB commander.
  • Executive Officer (XO)
Rank: Captain (O3)
MOS: 18A
He directs the company staff and assigns specific responsibilities. He coordinates with the company sergeant major to direct and supervise company administrative and logistical procedures.
  • Company Technician
Rank: Warrant Officer or Chief Warrant Officer
MOS: 180A
He has staff responsibility for all matters pertaining to the organization, training, intelligence and counterintelligence (CI) activities, and combat operations of the company and it's detachments.
  • Company Sergeant Major
Rank: Sergeant Major (E9)
MOS: 18Z
He is the senior enlisted person in the company and the commander's principal advisor on matters pertaining to enlisted personnel. He supervises the daily training, operations, and administration of the company.
  • Special Forces Operations Sergeant
Rank: Master Sergeant (E8)
MOS: 18Z
He assists the XO and Company Technician in accomplishing their duties. When the company and it's detachments are uncommitted, they manage the company's training program for the company commander.
  • Assistant Operations Sergeant
Rank: Sergeant First Class (E7)
MOS: 18F
He assists the Operations Sergeant in the accomplishment of his duties.
  • Medical Sergeant
Rank: Sergeant First Class (E7)
MOS: 18D
He provides routine, preventative, and emergency medical care to the company and any indigenous forces. He also trains allied and indigenous forces in basic emergency and preventative medical care. He gathers medical information and advises the company staff on all health care matters.
  • Communications Sergeant
Rank: Sergeant First Class (E7)
MOS: 18E
The commo sergeant advises the Company Commander on communication matters, and prepares communication plans. He installs, operates, and maintains all the company's communication equipment. He also trains detachment members and indigenous forces in signal equipment procedures.
  • Assistant Communications Sergeant
Rank: Staff Sergeant (E6)
MOS: 18E
He assists the Communications Sergeant in the accomplishment of his duties.
  • Supply Sergeant
Rank: Staff Sergeant (E6)
MOS: 92Y
He is the principal logistical planner. He coordinates closely with the battalion S-4 and service detachment commander to meet the unique needs of the company and it's detachments.
Rank: Sergeant (E5)
MOS: 54B
He supervises, operates, and maintains the company's NBC detection and contamination equipment. He also assists in establishing, administering, and applying NBC defensive measures.

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