When it first appeared in 1966, the BMP-1 was a radical new concept, being an infantry carrier with substantial firepower. It was intended to allow infantry to fight without dismounting, especially in a nuclear or chemically contaminated environment.

It has a 73mm low-pressure gun, similar to the SPG-9, and a 9S428 (AT-3 Sagger) ATGM launcher. Passengers sit in a rear compartment and can exit via two rear door, or roof hatches. There are firing ports on either side of the hull.

The BMP-1 is fully amphibious. There is a trim vane at the front of the hull for use when swimming.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $140,000 (R/S)
Travel Move: 120/70
Combat Move: 40/30
Fuel Capacity: 460
Fuel Consumption: 110
Fuel Type: D, G, Avg, A
Load: 1.5 tons
Vehicle Weight: 13 tons
Crew: 3 + 8
Maintenance: 12
Night Vision: Passive/Active IR

2nd Edition Combat StatsEdit

Armament: 73mm 2A28 low pressure gun (40 rounds), co-axial PK MG, 9S428 ATGM (1 + 4)
RF: +1
Configuration: Turreted
Suspension: Tracked (2)
HF: 4 TF: 4
HS: 2 TS: 2
HR: 2 TR: 2

2nd Edition Weapon DataEdit

73mm 2A28
Round Range Damage Penetration
HEAT 200 C:4, B:12 70C
HE 200 C:6, B:12 -3C
9S428 ATGM
Reload Range Damage Penetration
2 3000 C:6, B:4 75C

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