The widely-exported BMP-2 is a well-rounded IFV dating to the late Cold War. Variants were license-built in Czechoslovakia and India, and the vehicle saw Twilight War service throughout Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

3rd Edition StatsEdit

Barter Value: GG950,000 Street Price: $1,900,000
Configuration: Turreted
Suspension: Tracked
Crew: 3 (D, C, G)+7
Cargo: 1.7 tons
Weight: 14.3 tons
Travel Speed: 22/15 km/hr
Combat Speed: 61/42 m
Fuel: 460 (Diesel)
Fuel Cons: 18 L/hr
Maintenance: 18
Armor: HF: 4, HS:3, HR: 3; TF: 5, TS: 3, TR: 2; Suspension: 5
  Armament: 2A42 Autocannon; coaxial PKM (G); AT-14 launcher.
  Ammo: 1,000 rounds of belted 30mm ammo; 2,000 rounds of belted 7.62x54mm ammo; 5 AT-14 missiles.
  Communications: Military Vehicular Radio; .
  Sensors: Headlights; night vision gunsight (G); laser rangefinder..
  Aux: Amphibious running gear; NBC defense system..

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