British characters are generated as per the rules, with a few changes. The changes to military careers as given in the 2nd edition rule book are summarised in the Army, Royal Navy and RAF character creation pages. The notes on this page apply to all British characters.

Starting VehiclesEdit

If the character party is part of a British unit, use the following table to determine the vehicles that they start with. Note that there are two columns - use the second column if the party starts in the UK, rather than Europe

Die Starting in Europe Starting in the UK
1 Land Rover 90 Motorcycle
2 Land Rover 90 Civilian car
3 Land Rover 110 Civilian car
4 Land Rover 101FC Land Rover 90
5 Land Rover 130 Land Rover 110
6 Land Rover 130 Land Rover 101FC
7 5-Ton Truck Land Rover 130
8 5-Ton Truck 5-Ton Truck
9 FV104 Samaritan 5-Ton Truck
10 FV103 Spartan 8-Ton Truck
11 FV-432 8-Ton Truck
12 FV-432 Humber Pig
13 FV-510 Warrior (MCV-80) Humber Pig
14 FV-510 Warrior (MCV-80) FV-432
15 FV101 Scorpion FV-432
16 FV107 Scimitar FV103 Spartan
17 Chieftan FV103 Spartan
18 Challenger Any vehicle from the (CVR(T) family

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