The following page(s) contains fictitious world events as background material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These events should not be confused with their real life counterparts. People and places shown should in no way be thought of as accurate representations of anything living, dead or undead.

Brzeźnica is a village in Wadowice County, southern Poland. Before the war, it was the seat of the gmina (administrative district) called Gmina Brzeźnica, and had a population of 1,200. It now has a population of 548.

Corrupt Council. Brzeźnica is ruled by a small council with a charismatic female mayor (Danuta Wyndrowski). The council's top jobs are all held by the mayor's friends and family. Corruption is rife throughout the council, and bribes are an everyday fact of life. The mayor has a team of six bodyguards (Experienced NPCs, each armed with an AKR submachinegun), and the mayor herself carries a P-64 pistol.

The mayor is a novice NPC, but with Leadership: 6 and Charisma: 8.

There is no formal armed force, but roughly one in five of Brzeźnica's inhabitants have managed to acquire some sort of ranged weapon. These are mostly hunting rifles, double-barreled shotguns and pistols, with one or two muskets.

Most of the inhabitants are reasonably friendly to strangers, though the council are wary of anyone they feel may represent a threat to their position.

Council officials often co-opt council workers to do private work for them instead of doing the work they are supposed to do. This has led to a relatively poor standard of sanitation in the village, which means that there are often outbreaks of disease.

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