Castle by the Sea
Adventure Location Nothern Poland
Module Length 16 pages
Designer(s) Nick Atlas
Date Published 1992
Product Number GDW 2014
ISBN Number 1-55878-126-9

From the back of the book:

Before the war, there was growing optimism over the collapse of communism and the opening of eastern Europe. Survivalist organisations were seen as outdated and unnecessary, and their memberships dwindled. Many of the remaining members were labelled crazy and were ridiculed.
Then the war came, vindicating their beliefs.
Now a small band of survivalists known as the Nova Direkto is making a move for dominance in northern Poland. To keep the neighbouring warlord at bay, they have kidnapped five children from the warlord's camp in Kwidzyn and are holding them hostage in a medieval castle on the coast.
Can the PCs infiltrate Nova Direkto's stronghold and free all the hostages successfully?

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