These NPCs have a greater likelihood of reacting with violence than do most people. A "somewhat violent" (2 - 4) NPC is not frightened or intimidated by threats of violence and will not hesitate to use force if the situation seems to warrant it. A "moderately violent" (5 - 7) NPC is aggressive and inclined to view violence as the preferred means of resolving disputes. A "very violent" NPC loves a good fight and either is or wants to be a warrior. Even a high violence rating does not, however, necessarily indicate that the nonplayer character is brutal or a bully. For example, a "very violent" (8 - 10) NPC who was also "very sociable" could be described as friendly, good-natured, and loyal, but also a good person to have with you in a fight.

Jack, Murderous:Edit

This NPC is subject to sudden, uncontrollable, murderous rages. Chances are, such NPCs have already killed at least once in a fit of rage. If not, itcertainlywill not be long beforesomeone crosses them at the wrong time and dies ...

Queen, Stubborn:Edit

Such NPCs are so stubborn that once they have made up their minds about something, it is nearly impossible to persuade them differently. Such NPCs are not necessarily sticks in the mud. They may often be outspoken, innovative thinkers who, once they make up their minds to stick their necks out, cannot be talked out of it.

King, Brutal:Edit

These NPCs are sadistic brutes who enjoy causing other people pain and grief. This cruelty is not always physical. Brutal NPCs often enjoy causing psychological pain, constantly picking on or browbeating their companions, especially those whom they perceive as weak. These NPG are also cruel to animals, and enjoy such pastimesas cockfigh tsand bear baiting. Such a person is likely to use torture whether or not there is anything to be gained from it.

Ace, War Leader:Edit

The NPC is an unusually good leader in battle, able to inspire confidence in others, and receiving complete obedience from followers. In terms of combat rules, treat such NPCs as having an Initiative of 6 (they never panic), and allow them to predict their opponents' general strategy and be prepared for it.

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