The NPC wants to be rich. A "somewhat greedy" (2 - 4) NPC will be fairly easy to convince to take a particular course of action as long as money is involved. A "moderately greedy" (5 - 7) NPC will drive a harder bargain, but will actually be more willing to take larger risks, provided the payment is sufficient. A "very greedy" (8 - 10) NPC will do virtually anything for money, but will insist upon very high fees, and will perhaps attempt treachery if it seems that even more money can be gained by doing so.

Jack, Coward:Edit

This NPC is a total coward and will run from danger at every opportunity. (You might say such characters are greedy about their own safety.) If escape is impossible, a coward will cower and refuse to fight.

Queen, Lustful:Edit

These NPCs are driven by lust for the opposite sex. Depending upon the circumstances, the referee may interpret this as an impersonal lust for all members of that sex or as an obsession for a particular person.

King, Selfish:Edit

A selfish NPC never helps without demanding payment and will never give away anything. Such NPCs are convinced that everyone else is just as selfish as they are. As a result, they will demand higher payment than they are due (believing their employers to be holding out on them), and they will jealously guard their own possessions'(convinced that everyone else is just waiting for an opportunity to steal them). NPCs this selfish are likely to zteal what other people do not guard very closely.

Ace, Generous:Edit

These NPCs are extremely generous. Those who have another Diamond card as a secondary motivation are so generous that they will gladly give away anything they have to others in need, even if this leaves them with nothing. All others will tend to make generous deals and will refuse payment for favors, unless those favors directly relate to their normal line of business, and the person receiving the favor is not obviously in need.

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