Such NPCs are highly influenced by their love of people. They tend to be friendly, loyal, and just. A "somewhat sociable" (2 - 4) NPC will be amiable, talkative, and cooperative with most everyone. "moderately sociable" (5 - 7) NPCs will have a strong sense of duty and loyalty to their group. A "very sociable" (8 - 10) NPC will have a strong commitment to justice and the welfare of all people, and will look for the good qualities in everyone, but will react with anger to injustice and brutality.

Jack, Wise:Edit

The NPC is unusually wise, either as a result of years of experience, or simply because of astute observation. Such NPCs almost always exhibit good judgment and, if asked, offer sound advice.

Queen, Loving:Edit

This NPC loves some other person devotedly, perhaps a spouse, parent, child, or close friend. Such NPCs would willingly sacrifice themselves for the one they love. Alternatively, the NPC may be loving toward absolutely everyone. The choice is up to the referee.

King, Honorable:Edit

Honorable NPCs are scrupulously honest in their dealings with everyone. For such characters, their word of honor is their bond. Some will feel honor-bound to a certain action even without having made a specific promise, so long as they feel their positions obligate them to do so. Such NPCs will typically carry out their promises and obligations even if it meansfacing death. Honorable NPCs have contempt for liars and people who break their word.

Ace, Just:Edit

This NPC sees justice as the greatest virtue a person can display and the only truly important consideration in deciding upon a course of action. Such characters have no respect for cheats and swindlers, and they will whole-heartedly assist any attempt to right an injustice.

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