These NPCs seek personal power and influence. A "somewhat ambitious" (2 - 4) NPC will be inclined toward boastfulness and a desire to impress other people. "Moderately ambitious" (5 - 7) NPCs are driven to attain positions of high responsibility. A "very ambitious" (8 - 10) NPC will be ovenhelmed by a desire to manipulate and control others.

Jack, Pompous:Edit

Pompous NPCs are conceited and arrogant in their dealings with others. They consider themselves to be clearly superior to everyone around them, and they make no secret of that conviction.

Queen, Ruthless:Edit

This NPC will let nothing stand in the way of achieving any goal and feels no concern for the needs of others. Such NPCs can feign affection, devotion, sincerity, or anything else thatservestheir purpose, but actually they feel nothing.

King, Deceitful:Edit

The NPC has no respect for honesty. Depending upon the referee's decision, deceitful NPCs may be pathological liars, or they may use the truth deceitfully, giving just enough information to guarantee that their victims are misled. The actual direction of their deceitfulness will generally depend upon their secondary motivation. Often, such characters are unable to believe that other people are not lying. They expect to be lied to, and expect the worst from others.

Ace, Charismatic:Edit

The NPC is a charismatic leader to whom others are naturally drawn. This usually implies a high CHR attribute and perhaps skill in Leadership. Some of these NPCs are honorable and just; others are cruel and manipulative. The referee can decide based upon the adventure situation and/or the particular NPC's secondary motivation.

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