Every community has things that it does that set it apart from other communities. It could be farming, clothing production, or any other number of things. The list that follows are just a few of the things that are done in communities in the Twilight 2000 world. In a post-apocalyptic world, like Twilight:2000, what would have been a niche industry in the pre-war world is now the differance between life and death after the war.

Food Production (For Consumption and/or Trade)
Distilling ethanol for consumption
Brewing Beer
Growing crops for trade and food (Cotten, Tabbaco, Wheat, Corn, etc...)
Farming and prepaeing herbs and spices.
Meat slating/smoking
Cheese making (ideal for long term storage/reserve)
Trade Goods
Manufacturing light mortars
Manufacturing small arms
Reloading/Manufacturing ammunition (small arms and mortar)
Manufacturing bicycles
Creating vacuum tubes for electronics
Making Light bulbs
Making Explosives for industrial or military use
Making Batteries
Paper Making
Power Generation
Manufacturing Wind-Turbines
Oil Production (only near oil fields)
Distilling ethanol for fuel
Specialized Labor
Machineing/Blacksmithing (making spares and replacement parts)
Printing Manually
Candle making
Leather work/shoe making
Glass blowing (recycling glass)
Manufacturing basic antibiotics
Mechanical parts (auto and machine)
Building materials (nails, windows, etc)
Luxuries (soap, jewelry, perfume, music, art etc)
Electronic/electric parts (wire, circuits boards, components, periferals etc...)
Extra-Legal Activities
Slave Trader

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