The following page(s) contains fictitious world events as background material for the Twilight:2000 role-playing game. These events should not be confused with their real life counterparts. People and places shown should in no way be thought of as accurate representations of anything living, dead or undead.
North Korea Flag

North Korean flag

North Korea is the commonly used short form name for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (or DPRK), a state located in East Asia, in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula, with its capital and largest city being Pyongyang.

To the south, separated by the Korean Demilitarized Zone, lies South Korea, with which it formed the Korean Empire until its occupation and division following World War II. At its northern Amnok River border are China and, separated by the Tumen River in the extreme north-east, Russia.

North Korea is a one party state. The country's government styles itself as following the Juche ideology of self reliance, developed by Kim Il-sung, the country's former leader. The current leader is Kim Jong-il, the late president Kim Il-sung's son. Relations are strongest with other officially socialist states: Vietnam, Laos, and especially China, as well as with Russia, Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma).

2nd Edition HistoryEdit

In 1992, increasing numbers of people started demanding Soviet-style reform and German-style reunification with the South. Kim Jong Il reacted with token reform measures. Further moves towards a free market economy were made in 1993, after more rioting in Pyongyang.

3rd Edition HistoryEdit

After the death of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, South Korea invaded the North. The Korean Peninsula was then reunited.

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