Egon Weineck is a ferry boat captain living on Rügen Island.

Weineck was born in 1946. He served as a conscript in the East German navy (the Volksmarine) for 18-months from 1965 to 1966 and was honorably discharged with the rank of Seaman First Class (Obermatrose). He obtained work as a deck hand on fishing trawlers operating in the Baltic Sea and soon rose to the position of first mate. Judged to be loyal, and unlikely to defect, he was offered a job on deep sea factory trawlers that plied the cod-rich seas of the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.

Weineck's trawler made occasional refueling stops at remote Scottish and Norwegian fishing villages. During these official stops, the East German crew engaged in the unofficial business of smuggling and black-marketeering. Soon, Weineck had established a clientele for his black market goods that included several officers of the Border Troops (Grenztruppen der DDR) in Rostock who had a penchant for Scotch whisky and American cigarettes. Appointed captain of a trawler in his own right, Weineck was able to expand his black-market business during the 1980s into American jeans, Japanese video recorders, and Scandinavian pornography.

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