Chief Warrant Officer Elena Chavez is a helicopter pilot in 101st Aviation Battalion. She is an NPC in the King's Ransom module.

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

Elena Chavez got her private pilot's license the same day she got her automobile driver's license, on her 16th birthday. Her father, Ruben Chavez, was an airline pilot, and he passed on to Elena his love for flying. By the time she was 18, Elena was an accomplished helicopter pilot as well. After she finished her degree at Arizona State University, she took a job with a local sheriff's department as a helicopter pilot.

Chavez enjoyed the piloting involved in her law-enforcement career, but she grew tired of being referred to as a "flying meter maid", and she also had to contend with racism as well as sexism. Eventually, Elena felt that she had had enough. She enlisted in the Army in 1994 at the age of 23.

After completing her basic training, Elena volunteered for jump school. She did well in her classes at Fort Benning and was then sent to Fort Rucker for familiarization and qualification on US military helicopters. She soon received her rating as a Warrant Officer and was assigned to the 269th Aviation Battalion (Combat) of 18th Airborne Corps.

Elena went to the Persian Gulf with the rest of her unit in February on 1997. Within a few weeks, she was flying combat missions for the 5th Special Forces Group. One one such mission, her UH-60 was hit by ground fire while coming in for an extraction. With her co-pilot severely wounded, she landed the chooper, picked up the Green Berets, and brought the damaged bird back home. For her actions, she was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and made an honorary Green Beret.

Later, Elena was transferred to the 101st Air Assault Division. This gave her a chance at flying a gunship. As a gunship pilot, Elena's record was impressive. In the northern advance towards Esfahan and the subsequent withdrawal to the shores of the Persian Gulf, she was credited with destroying 18 Soviet tanks and six Soviet helicopters, was shot down once, and on several occasions brought back birds so badly damaged that they had to be written off.

But all of this had a price. By January of 1998, Elena was physically and mentally exhausted. After two months of R&R in Saudi Arabia, she was assigned to CENTCOM headquarters as a staff pilot. After a year of being a "flying taxi driver", she requested to be returned to combat duty and was reassigned to the 101st Aviation Battalion. Chavez has been there ever since, doing what she does best - flying.

Non canon Edit

A rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3) seems appropriate for age and experience.

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