Elmendorf Air Force Base
Elmendorf Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base adjacent to Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska. It is the home of the Headquarters, Alaskan Command (ALCOM), Alaskan NORAD Region (ANR), Eleventh Air Force (11 AF), the 3rd Wing, and some Tenant Units.

Elmendorf's mission is to support and defend U.S. interests in the Asia Pacific region and around the world by providing units who are ready for worldwide air power projection and a base that is capable of meeting PACOM's theater staging and throughput requirements.

Units Edit

Elmendorf's host unit is the 3d Wing. As the largest and principal unit within Eleventh Air Force, the 3d Wing trains and equips an Air Expeditionary Force lead wing made up of 6,900 personnel and F-15C/D, E-3B, C-17, F-22A and C-12F/J aircraft.

The 3d Wing provides air superiority, surveillance, tactical airlift and agile combat support forces for global deployment. It also maintains Elmendorf's infrastructure for critical force staging and throughput operations in support of worldwide contingencies and provides medical care for all forces in Alaska.

The 3d Wing is composed of four groups each with specific functions. The Operations Group controls all flying and airfield operations. The Maintenance Group performs Aircraft and Aircraft support equipment maintenance. The Mission Support Group has a wide range of responsibilities but a few of its functions are Security, Civil Engineering, Communications, Personnel Management, Logistics, Services and Contracting support. While the Medical Group provides medical and dental care.

  • 3d Mission Support Group
    • 3d Mission Support Squadron
    • 3d Logistics Readiness Squadron
    • 3d Contracting Squadron
    • 3d Civil Engineer Squadron
    • 3d Security Forces Squadron
    • 3d Services Squadron
    • 3d Communications Squadron
  • 3d Maintenance Group
    • 3d Maintenance Operations Squadron
    • 3d Equipment Maintenance Squadron
    • 3d Component Maintenance Squadron
    • 3d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
    • 703d Air Maintenance Squadron
  • 3d Medical Group
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