Esti Holzman is a Shin Bet security officer. She is an NPC in the Cedars of Lebanon module.

Holzman is in her mid 30s. She came to Israel in the 1970s as a child with her parents who were refuseniks foom the Soviet Union. After high school she served her two years compulsory military service working as an intel NCO before attending university and obtaining a degree in political science. After college she joined Shin Bet.

Holzman is an Experienced NPC. She speaks fluent Russian (100%) in addition to her native Hebrew (100%). She also speaks Arabic (70%), English (60%) and French (50%).

Holzman carries a Glock 17 pistol and has PST70. She is an exponent of Krav Maga and has BC60. She is often called upon to exercise her interrogation skills and she has INT50.

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