Name: Hakesville, Gaylord
Rank: Spec-4
DOB, POB, Nat: Feb. 24th 1976, South Lake, Louisiana, American
Branch: Infantry
Specialty: Medic / Infantryman
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 108 kg
Race: Caucasian

Only child of Maw & Paw Hakesville (he's not sure of their real names), Gaylord was born & raised in South Lake, Louisiana. Somewhat over weight as a child, he was selected for the high school wrestling team, becoming team captain & winning his way into college on a sports scholarship. Unfortunately he flunked out almost instantly, being a less than gifted scholar, and went to work with his Paw at the local tin mine and recently as a trainee nurse at a psychiatric hospice. Within months he was encouraged to resign after "unauthorized use of electroshock therapy equipment".

Conscripted within weeks, Gaylord enjoyed basic training and was quite happy until he was informed he was to be a medic. All he really wants to do is use big and noisy weapons & occasionally blow things up. He performed very well and after the medical training was assigned to a MASH unit in West Germany.

Intense boredom followed as he spend a miserable three weeks working every day in the mortuary (incidentally earning his nickname due to his somewhat callous, if efficient, method of moving corpses) while he constantly sought transfer to an operational unit. Finally successful he has never been happier, indulging in his two new loves, putting holes in people & then filling them back in.


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