Mission Sergeant Major: Major Adjudant-chef Guillaume de’Lagere
   This is a Veteran NPC
Major Adjudant-chef Guillaume de’Lagere is a specialist on central Africa. In his 25 year career de’Lagere has served in thirteen African nations as an advisor, peacekeeper or anything else France needed of him. This peacekeeping operation was to be his last overseas deployment before a nice comfy desk job in Paris, Le Terrible and the nuclear attacks of 2011 ended that.
Ace of : This NPC sees justice as the greatest virtue a person can display and the only truly important consideration in deciding upon a course of action. Such characters have no respect for cheats and swindlers, and they will wholeheartedly assist any attempt to right an injustice.
3 of : The NPC wants to be rich. A "somewhat greedy" NPC will be fairly easy to convince to take a particular course of action as long as money is involved.

3rd Edition StatsEdit

Major Adjudant-chef Guillaume de’Lagere    Experience: Veteran

  Attributes:OODA:10 CUF:10
Wounds: 1/9/16/23
Movement: Sprint: 14m Run: 11m Jog/Trot: 8m
Skill Level: Longarm (Expert); Command (Expert); Sidearm (Professional); Hans to Hand (Professional)
Equipment: FA-MAS (Bulpup Assualt Rifle with 3 Magazines); Glock 17 (with 4 Magazines)

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