It used to be a small commercial harbor, where they used to ship cars by trucking them crossover to neighboring nation. (Some damn 2000 age tax reason.)

It was spared from "nuking" by couple of reasons: -No oil shipments went through, not large enough to support a war fleet and it did not have (apparently) no important valuables. But unknowingly (by other nations) there was ammo and supply depot, hided in case of war.

When blasting began, a small HQ with minimal troops were sent by home nation to harbor. It consisted: -Riflemens, Military Police and few officers, but most importantly a high officer. -A Lt.General, in case other high officers were killed, cut-out or taken prisoner by invading force(s).

Harbor was in peace time surrounded by link fence, now it is under regular patrols, (and suprise irregulars). Patrolling is done by Military Police, but ammo and supply depot is opened and distributed to troops already, so it is not on high patrol duty area. They got some old but useful stuff from depot, and took hold some ships from harbor.

They got:

- 2 Damn large cargo ships

- 5 Civilian motorboats

- 2 Water scooters

- 1 Old rowboat

They do not know how to use all of em, as they are landcrabbers. They have some of ships and boats crew in custodity, and in theory can man some of vessels. The hard part is how to keep crew loyal to them (It is very tempting in these conditions to navigate to some "paradise" isle and put a settlement there.)

They do not have long term plans for vessels, but hey some bright idea may come up.

There are regular troops in HQ and veteran Military Police.

They use some of boats for fishing food., and patrolling harbor.

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