Burst FireEdit

Burst fire is too much accurate in the Twilight:2013 core rules. It don’t matter how good a shooter you are or how distant the target is, if you hit, even if with only 1 in your margin of success, you can possibly hit with all of the bullets in the burst.

In this house rule, the bonus on the skill for burst fire is still the same, +1 per extra bullet fired, but now, if the attacker obtains a success on his attack test, the number of bullets for which he rolls to see if it hit or not is limited to his margin of success, up to the maximum equal to the number of bullets.

Also, if the attacker is shooting at someone beyond the optimum range band of his weapon, he still needs to get a 1, 2 or 3 to hit with the extra bullets, but he rolls a d8 and not a d6. This is to account for the dispersion caused at long ranges when firing bursts.

Example: Frank shoots a long burst of 9mm fire at Wilker with his MP5K (B5), his margin of success in the skill test with the submachine-gun is 3, and so he can hit with 3 extra bullets, he then rolls a d6 for each one, hitting with two of them. Now, if his margin of success were 5, he could roll to hit with all the 4 extra bullets (and not 5, as there are not that many extra bullets in the burst). The margin of success for each bullet hit is the result of the d6. A 1 on this die is a hit on the same hit location and a 2 or 3 is a hit in another hit location as usual.


Burst fire House Rule by Rossi

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