The Jaegerkorpset (Danish: Jægerkorpset) is a special forces unit of the Danish military.

History Edit

The Danish military took the decision to form an elite special forces unit in 1960 and sent a cadre of officers for training overseas with the British SAS and at the US Army Ranger School. The Jaegerkorpset (literally, Hunter Corps) was formed in 1961. The Jaegerkorpset served throughout the Cold War as the Danish Army's main special operations unit [1].

Equipment Edit

Members of the Jaegerkorpset wear a burgundy beret with a hunting horn badge.

The Jaegerkorpset typically uses standard Danish small arms, including the Diemaco C7 (Gavaer 95) rifle, Diemaco C8 (Gavaer 96) carbine, H&K MP5-SD (Maskinpistol 84) silenced submachinegun, H&K 53 (Maskinpistol 85) carbine, H&K 13 (Maskingevaer 85) general purpose machine gun, and the H&K USP pistol (same model as Bundeswehr Pistole 08). Members of the unit are familiar with all NATO weapons and may also be encountered using Warsaw Pact weapons.

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