James "Jim" RourkeEdit


Jim Rourke is a soft-spoken man in his early forties. He is of average height with an athletic build. His brown hair is starting to go gray at the edges and a scraggly beard covers his weather-worn face and neck. He is dressed in worn blue jeans, a "Carhartt" style jacket that has seen better days and a battered red baseball cap with "Rourke Construction and Demolition" on it.


Jim graduated from High school and went to CTT Tech for Heavy Equipment Operation. After awhile, Jim realized that most of the work he could get would not pay the bills, so he joined the Navy.

Since he was young and fearless, Jim became a combat engineer. He took to demolitions quickly and found his niche in the Navy. Several years later Jim met Teresa and they where married soon after.

When their first child, Jim Jr., was born Jim changed his M.O.S. to that of civilian engineering so that he would be around to see little Jimmy grow up. Over the next few years Jim and Teresa had two daughters, Kattie and Maggie. Later, after an accident involving an I-beam, Jim realized that no job in the Navy was safe enough to guarantee that he could watch his kids grow up, so he decided to get out and join the civilian workforce. Five years short of retirement Jim left the Navy to start his own construction and demolition firm.

After getting the firm to be known coast to coast Jim got a contract to re-build the Lexington Tower in (CO or TX). Leaving his wife and kids in Baltimore, Maryland to oversee the construction, Jim was on the job when the Chinese missiles struck several US cities. He has been trying to get word if his family is alive.

3rd EditionEdit


Quality: Veteran

Awareness: 7 Cognition: 6 Personality: 5 Education: 6
Fitness: 9 Muscle: 8 Coordination: 6 Resolve: 6
Coolness Under Fire: 6
Wound Thresholds: Slight 1/, Moderate: 9/, Serious: 18/, Critical: 27/.
Movement: Sprint 14m, Run 11m, Jog 8m, Walk 4m, Stagger 2m, Crawl 1m


Expert (4d20L)
Driving /Heavy /Tracked (16)
Construction /Demolition (16)
Professional (3d20L)
Mechanics /Machinist (8)
Sidearm (8)
Climbing (8)
Competent (2d20L)
Streetcraft (7)
Language ( English ) (6)
Artisan (Welding) (4)
Language ( Spanish ) (4)
Instruction (4)
Aquatics (4)
Computing (4)
Support Weapons (4)
Hand Weapons (4)
Longarm (4)
Novice (1d20)
Special Equipment (Shipboard Sys.) (2)
Seamanship (2)
Medicine (2)
Tactics (1)
Hand-to-Hand (1)
Fieldcraft (1)

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