Sergeant Jerzy Nowak, 2nd Polish Marine Division
BACKGROUND: Jerzy Nowak is originally from the Gdansk area. He served his National Service time as a conscript in the 2nd Polish Marine Division (in 1990-91). Subsequently, he found work as a fitter in the Gdansk shipyards until his activities as a member of Solidarity caused him to lose his job.

When the war began, he was Chief Mechanics Mate on a small Polish fishing trawler working the Baltic Sea. While he was no supporter of the Polish communist government, patriotism moved him to respond when the government called up reserves in 1996.

When the Polish Free Congress was established in 1997, Nowak deserted and joined a guerilla group operating along the Baltic coast. During the confusion of the nuclear exchange and the NATO withdrawal westward, he fell in with elements of the American army, where he has been ever since.

NOTES FOR REFEREE: Sergeant Jerzy Nowak was conceived as a major NPC who had been attached to the player's unit as a translator and guide before the events of the Escape from Kalisz module.

Ace of : Sgt. Nowak still sees the war in ideological terms, and he blames the Soviet Union and the Polish communist government for the destruction of his homeland. He enjoys a good fight (something he learned during his days as a labor activist), and is committed to making the world a better place, in some way. The only group he likes less than ardent communists are marauders and other human predators who prey on the weak and helpless.
Nine of : Sgt. Nowak likes Americans and has a rather poorly informed vision of the United States as a workers paradise.
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