General Jonathan Cummings is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the head of the Military Government (Milgov).

Twilight 2000 canon Edit

Following the breakdown of the federal government in May 1998, General Jonathan Cummings, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, assumed control of the reigns of government and continued the period of martial law that was enacted by former President Munson in November 1997. Cummings initial headquarters was the Alternate National Military Command Center at Site R, Fort Ritchie, MD.

In April 1998, Cummings refused to accept the constitutional authority of the “Rump Congress” which had met at Omaha, NE. He further refused to accept the results of the “election” of John Broward as President. His decision effectively split the government of the United States into its current Milgov and Civgov factions.

In July 1998, Cummings ordered the relocation of the Alternate National Military Command Center from Maryland to Colorado Springs, CO. As of January 2001, Cummings remains CJCS and head of Milgov.

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