Sir Joseph Wellington is the Director-General of the Security Service (MI5).

Twilight 2000 1st edition canon Edit

From Survivor's Guide to the United Kingdom (GDW 0528)

Born in 1940, Sir Joseph Wellington is the son of a wealthy family. He was educated at Cambridge before doing his national service in the Army Intelligence Corps. From this beginning, his interest in the intelligence field grew. His keen, analytical mind enabled him to deal with the many fragments of often contradictory information, and he gained a reputation for his skill.

Service in Northern Ireland during thr '70s gave his career a tremendous boost. His liaised with the SAS and Royal Marine Commandos (RMC) during operations in the mid-'70s, gaining the respect of both.

It was his excellent record and reputation that led to the army selecting him to take over the leadership of MI5 during 1998. When Sir Ian Burton became prime minister soon after, he made the position official.

Wellingtn has been married three times. His first wife, Joanna, died in 1970 in a boating accident. His second wife, Natalie, divorced him in 1985. He remarried again, to Mary, in 1991. He has four children and five grandsons.

In addition to his native English (100%), Wellington speaks many foreign tongues - Latin (80%), German (70%), French (60%), Russian (60%), Greek (40%), Hebrew (30%), and Italian (20%). He is an Experienced NPC.

NPC Motivation: Heart Jack: Wisdom, as shown by his judgement in the intelligence field. Spade 7: A desire to succeed in life.

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