Kamenka Dubrovskiy, Spetsnaz Copenhagen, Denmark
Kamenka Dubrovskiy

Kamenka Dubrovskiy

BACKGROUND: Dubrovskiy volunteered for the Soviet army in 1990, and was selected for training with Spetsnaz. In 1996 she was assigned to the GRU Copenhagen station, ostensibly as a diplomatic worker. She spent much of her time in Copenhagen working with, and bodyguarding, Oleg Mravinsky.

Knowing that Dubrovskiy can be trusted, Mravinsky has assigned her the task of getting some papers back to GRU headquarters in Moscow. On that mission, Dubrovskiy travels in a UAZ-469 with two NPCs (Both Veteran. One has Wheeled Vehicle: 6, Mechanic: 3, other has Medical: 6, Foraging: 3)

Elite NPC

  • Melee Combat (armed): 7
  • Melee Combat (unarmed): 7
  • Thrown Weapon: 7
  • Charisma: 8
  • Persuasion: 7
  • Language (Danish): 8
King of : Honourable, can be trusted.
Four of : Somewhat violent.

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