Kamenka Dubrovskiy travels in a standard UAZ-469. It tows a 1-ton cargo trailer, and has a PK machine gun mounted on the pintle mount.

2nd Edition StatsEdit

Price: $8,000 (S/C)
Travel Move: 200/40
Combat Move: 50/10
Fuel Capacity: 60
Fuel Consumption: 20
Fuel Type: G, A
Load: 0.5 tons
Vehicle Weight: 1.6 tons
Crew: 2+3
Maintenance: 2
Night Vision: Headlights

2nd Edition Combat StatsEdit

Armament: PK MG (P)
Stabilisation: None
Ammo: 3 x 50-round belts
Configuration: Standard
Suspension: W: 2
HF: 1
HS: 1
HR: 1

Equipment CarriedEdit

  • 3x 20 litre jerrycan
  • 1x Small still
  • 1x Set of wheeled vehicle tools
  • 2x Personal medical kit
  • 3x Shelter half
  • 3x Sleeping bag
  • 1x PK (mounted)
    • 3 x 50-round belts
  • 2x AKR (one each for Dubrovskiy and the two NPCs)
    • 6 x 30-round box magazines

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